Sign Bonding & P0P

Sign Bonding & P0P Technical Adhesive Data Sheets

"Anglosol cement adhesives 700 and 1200 have been fully evaluated in our laboratory, in comparison with Tensol 70 and Tensol 12, and found that the Anglosol products performance and physical properties match these products in every respect.

We therefore consider that technically, in terms of bond strength and overall performance the Anglosol products are as good as their Tensol equivalent.."

John Duff
Chief Chemist & Technical Manager

Acrylic Sign Bonding Cement 700 Adhesive (data sheet)

Acrylic Sign Bonding Cement 1200 Adhesive (data sheet)

Cast Acrylic Adhesive (data sheet)

Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (data sheet)

Extruded Acrylic Adhesive (data sheet)

Extruded Cast Acrylic Cement Adhesive (data sheet)

Mirror Adhesive (data sheet)

Polycarbonate Adhesive (data sheet)

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