Leather Adhesive

Leather & Fancy Goods Adhesive

Anglo 3353 - Polyurethane Adhesive

Anglo 3353 – polyurethane adhesive is the market leading product for the bonding of "Bouncy Castle" inflatable's. It is used extensively in footwear manufacture for bonding soling materials such as leather, P.V.C, resin rubber, polyurethane and thermoplastic rubber to most commonly used upper materials. Anglo 3353 is particularly suitable for bonding P.V.C. due to its excellent resistance to plasticisers.

Anglo 3353 - Polyurethane Adhesive (data sheet)

Latex 61

A general purpose natural rubber latex adhesives. Suitable for applications in the Shoe and Allied trades. 60% latex with reodorant for general fast grab operations. Latex 61 can be applied by brush or roller.

Latex 61 (data sheet)

Anglo 4128 - General Purpose Contact Adhesive

Anglo 4128 is a high performance contact adhesive. Anglo 4128 produces excellent bond strengths on a wide variety of substrates and especially on: rigid PVC, polyurethane foams, supported PVC, leather, polyester glass fibre, rubber sheet and extrusions: all of which may be boned to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, plywood and painted or unpainted metal.

Anglo 4128 - General Purpose Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Solibond 441 - Neoprene Contact Adhesive

Solibond 441 is a general purpose contact adhesive used extensively on trim wotk in the shoe trade. A versatile adhesive useful for bonding laminates, wood, metal, leather, rubber, PVC, GRP, fabrics, plasterboard, plaster, cork etc. Solibond 441 can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Solibond 441 (formally Howstik 440) - Neoprene Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Howstik 100 - Natural Rubber Based Contact Adhesive

A high tack, low strength, natural rubber, contact adhesive for temporary bonding of leather, fabric,textiles, fibrous materials, rubber and foam. The dry film is almost white in appearance and the product is particularly suitable for non staining applications.

The high tack of this product makes it very suitable for used as an upholstery cement, where only a temporary bond is required prior to mechanical fastening.

Howstik 100 - Natural Rubber Based Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Howstik 125/A

A high tack, low strength natural rubber contact adhesive for temporary bonding of leather, fabric, textiles, fibrous materials, rubber & foam.

(awaiting data sheet)

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