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Foam Furniture & Exhibition Manufacture Adhesive

Solibond 4224 - Non Flam S.B.R Solvent Based Adhesive

Solibond 4224 is a non-flammable S.B.R solvent based adhesive formulated for spray application, but may be brush applied, especially good on expaned polystyrene. Also suitable for bonding fabrics and flexible foams to themselves or to each other on to painted metal, chipboard, wood, hardboard, fibre glass etc. Equally suitable for attachment of furnishing fabrics, including PVC, hessian, felt and upholstery padding.

Solibond 4224 - Non Flam S.B.R Solvent Based Adhesive (data sheet)

Anglo 4128 - General Purpose Contact Adhesive

Anglo 4128 is a high performance contact adhesive. Anglo 4128 produces excellent bond strengths on a wide variety of substrates and especially on: rigid PVC, polyurethane foams, supported PVC, leather, polyester glass fibre, rubber sheet and extrusions: all of which may be boned to each other or to hardboard, chipboard, plywood and painted or unpainted metal.

Anglo 4128 - General Purpose Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Solibond 949 - Neoprene Contact Adhesive

Solibond 949 is a high quality, single component, neoprene contact adhesive having a versatile range applications. Particularly suitable for bonding plastic laminates and decorative hardboards to various building materials. In the footwear trade it is suitable for bonding leather, fabric and poromeric uppers to resin rubber, micro celluar and most composition rubber soiling materials. It has good heat resistance and is eminently suitable for footwear to be exported to tropical or semi-tropical conditions.

Solibond 949 - Neoprene Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Solibond 441 - Neoprene Contact Adhesive

Solibond 441 is a general purpose contact adhesive used extensively on trim wotk in the shoe trade. A versatile adhesive useful for bonding laminates, wood, metal, leather, rubber, PVC, GRP, fabrics, plasterboard, plaster, cork etc. Solibond 441 can be applied by brush, roller or spray.

Solibond 441 (formally Howstik 440) - Neoprene Contact Adhesive (data sheet)

Aquabond 1943 - P.V.A Adhesive

Aquebond 1943 P.V.A adhesive is a single part high quality water resistant wood adhesive. It is widely used in the furniture and joinery industry. For bonding window frames, doors and stairs. PVA wood adhesive widely used in the furniture & joinery markets

Aquabond 1943 - P.V.A Adhesive (data sheet)

Safe 80 - Neoprene Latex

Safe 80 is a water based contact adhesive and is particularly good for bonding plastic sheet laminates to boards and worktops. Safe 80 is generally applied to both surfaces and is suitable for bonding decorative plastics, laminates and many other sheet materials to wood, plywood, wood chipboard etc.

Safe 80 - Neoprene Latex (data sheet)

Anglo SL807

Brushable emulsion adhesive of high viscosity for bonding to flexible or rigid plastics (not suitable for polyethylene or polypropylene).

(awaiting data sheet)

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