The Adhesive Package

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Anglo Adhesives & Services Ltd, together with Crispin, offer a comprehensive range of industrial adhesives to meet almost any adhesive requirements.

Anglo also operate a complete contract packing and filling service to provide a unique combination of services to all industries.

Anglo Adhesives Extru-Fix industrial adhesive.

Industrial Adhesives

The comprehensive range of adhesives and allied products that are manufactured by the group includes solvent based, water based, hot melts, pressure sensitives, aerosols and pre formed sealing strips.

The resultant products encompass solutions for applications as diverse as Automotive components through to Zinc plated electrodes. Within this spectrum are solutions for transparent packaging and transparent materials, book binding, cabinet making, construction, sign manufacturing, insulation materials, display advertising, fabric coating, footwear, leather goods, self adhesive labels, point of purchase displays and exhibition building etc etc.

Anglo Adhesives Extru-Fix industrial adhesive.

Contract Filling

Major chemical, adhesive, paint and varnish manufacturers are invariably geared for large production and packaging runs. Customers however, do not always require large packaging runs of one size - when this is the case the solution is simple - contact Anglo Adhesives & Services Ltd.

Anglo will source the packing and container medium and repack the suppliers´ liquid product into smaller sizes as required.

The same high standards that are demanded by the customer or supplier are maintained by Anglo who assume the role of an unseen packing or filling department.

All materials for repacking can be considered, including powders and other non - liquids.

Contract Packing

Whenever manufacturers want their products packed in non standard or odd sizes, Anglo Adhesives & Services Ltd has the answer.

Whatever the product, whatever the required quantity whatever the required pack, Anglo´s dedicated team will give customers the packaging that they demand.