acrylic bath repair kit

The Acrylic Bath Repair Kit

The Acrylic Bath Repair Kit contains everything required for repairing chips and scratches to your acrylic and Stone Resin bath or shower tray. For more substantial damage such as cracks and holes or damage to vertical surfaces, our special Epoxy Putty Pack is available.

Acrylic Bath Repair Kit

The Acrylic Bath Repair Kit is a cost effective way to repair chips, scratches, cracks, and small holes in acrylic plastic baths, shower trays and other sanitary ware. The kit can also be used on Stone Resin surfaces. We can match the exact colour of your bath shower tray when you quote the ICI colour reference

Acrylic Bath Repair Kit Guide

How to use...

1. Add syringe contents Part 2 to Part 1.

2. Mix two part using rod and container provided.

3. Extract mixture using syringe.

4. Apply with syringe to damaged area.

5. Smooth out with polythene film. Cure for 24hrs.

6. Rub down with emery paper.

7. Polish to a smooth finish.

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